The One Project -aka- Project One

OneProjectVOORkopieDuring more than 170 years Seventh Day Adventists have learned a lot, even from other churches. But we have always held on to the principle of "proving the spirits" before jumping in dark waters.
This is what we should do with The One Project . Never heard of The One Project? Also called Project One? No?

It is the newest thing in the SDA Church, taken from others, and it has touched down in The Netherlands.
Church leaders and officers got their training day and got the commission to go back and change their congregation, change the church.

The source of the One Project is as obscure as Emerging Church – spiritualistic, new age and seeking the god in yourself. Not all that comes to us covered by the cloak of truth, deserves that title.

Emerging Church entered our Dutch mission field via the policy plan The Involved Church (TIC). At the end of 2008, beginning of 2009. This union policy plan was is downright copy of the ecumenical policy plan of the Dutch Council of Churches – The Aim is the Way. Our leaders had pledged to the CoC that they would implement their policy in our church, what they hastily did. Whatever some will tell you, that link cannot be denied or gainsaid.

Members protested  (see: article Community Church) and TIC went underground for a while to make a comeback in a new righteous coat. It is not the cloth of Christ the covers it, but the cloak of sell-righteousness, self-justification and presumption.

One thing Jesus would surely NOT do to win people for HIS cause, He would NEVER compromise the truth. When the Throngs came for bread alone, He rebuked them. His education was straightforward: We don’t get grapes from fig trees; light and darkness do not mingle, neither do truth and error.

The way of Jesus is not a popularity stunt or a feel good act, in order for the Church to grow in numbers. The way of Jesus is before anything and in everything: obedience to the commandments of His Father. Then He will take up what we have laid down at His feet for it was too much for us. We can come a great length if we claim the power of the gospel. … The Lord expects that effort from us, even as He made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

The Lord expects us to bring the message for these last days He has given us – the message of true worship, identification of false doctrine, warning against false worship and for separation (Rev. 146-12; Rev. 184). We cannot present bread, play and self-esteem – their live are at stake!

Why will some do as if our own lamb has gone out, that they look for light in dark places? Many deny the Spirit of Prophesy and gather themselves many teachers, who want to lead God’s people back to what we have discarded years ago as not in harmony with Scripture but only presenting a sentimental believe.

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Don’t participate in the latest fad in Church!
But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned - 2 Tim. 314.

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