Readers' comments Raising a Red Flag by Jan Voerman

Here a compilation of readers' comments on the timely book by Jan Voerman - Raising a Red Flag - An Analysis of The One Project. Some names are not disclosed, but known by the writer. It is sad that members must be afraid to be marginalized because of speaking out about erroneous teachings in the church. When they go the Jesus-way to bring the wrongs to the leadership, they are simply not heard and when they finally bring it into the open, they are condemned. We must as the widow at the door of the unjust judge, we must keep on rambling the gates against apostasy.

Pastor Voerman, your book, “Raising a Red Flag: An Analysis of The One Project”, is very timely. I was thrilled to see Lois Kind, my sister, being quoted. She was a true warrior for God. She would have been so pleased to know of the tremendous work you are doing and the multitude of people you are reaching. She spent the last years of her life trying to expose the Spiritual Formation practices and teachings of the Emerging Church which are so evident in the One Project movement and have saturated most of the churches in the Walla Walla Valley. Lois was not one to be intimidated nor silenced. God used her to be a strong voice, denouncing the Spiritual Formation movement and Emerging Church teaching and practices in the Walla Walla Valley. When she heard the pastor refer to Ellen White as a psychic, she could no longer keep quiet, and she went straight to the source, with a letter directly to the pastor, which was ignored, except that he removed her from her once monthly job as being one of the greeters at the front door of the church on Sabbath. When she sent a copy of the letter, along with a cover letter, to the Conference, the pastor, along with professors from the university and others, suddenly wanted to talk to her, but they only wanted to silence her. The letters were not Lois’ alone. They were written through the joint effort of Lois and many friends and they all chose Lois to be the one who would sign them.
My friend, Janet Neumann, told me about your book. I do hope our ABC store will carry the book. It breaks my heart to see Satan’s books with the principles of Spiritual Formation being carried by them, and it made me very sad when another friend, Carol Geisinger, was forced to leave her employment there a few years ago because she refused to put those books on the shelves.
I raised my granddaughter from age 2, and the situation at Walla Walla University caused me to make a very difficult decision. With the prevalence of the Spiritual Formation being taught there, I simply could not encourage her to attend school there. She is now attending our local community college. When we send our children to our universities we should be able to trust that the things they are being taught are the truth, but when falsehoods are being taught, it confuses their minds. I refused to take that chance with my precious granddaughter.
Spiritual Formation has found its way into most of the local SDA churches here. There are only two of which I am aware where it has not been preached from the pulpit – Walla Walla City Church, of which I am a member, and Stateline SDA Church, where Janet Neumann is a member. A new minister recently came to Walla Walla City Church, Pastor Mike Barnett, and so far, his messages have been straight from the Bible. Pastor Mike Lambert, of the Stateline church, has braved the wrath of some in the Conference by vehemently preaching against Spiritual Formation from his pulpit. I, myself, have been chastised by a prominent member of City Church when I forwarded your document “The One Project: A Short Evaluation” to them. I was asked to remove them from my list to receive such emails. Unfortunately, some people just don’t get this serious issue right!
I’m so glad you have provided this crucial information and hope it will be well read. I just thank God for you and your efforts to make people realize how Satan is trying to take control of God’s remnant people. May God bless you as you bravely wave the Red Flag. --Arda Blevins, Broker, Walla Walla, USA

Thank you, pastor Voerman, for your evaluation of the One Project, your work is much appreciated here in Asia.
Until my conversion 30 years ago to Seventh-Day Adventism in Singapore I was a Zen Buddhist (Japanese Buddhist meditation). I am very much aware of the dangers of the Contemplative Tradition. Today, I am shocked to see that the One Project movement in my church is drawing its inspiration from the tradition which I had left behind.
It is accurate to characterize the recent leaders of the contemplative movement such as Father Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating and their Protestant promoters, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Leonard Sweet, Brian McClaren, etc as promoters of spiritualism. As SDA’s, it is crucial for us to realize that their foundation is Satan’s initial lie in Eden..... "Ye shall not surely die" with which utterance he deceptively assured humanity of their inborn possession of an immortal-divine-center as an immutable birth right which shall always remain untouched by sin.
Now, contemplative Christians like eastern religion also meditate to "come into consciousness" with their inner-divine, fully expectant that in their deepest meditation, their eyes shall be opened, awakened to the euphoria of discovering that they themselves as gods are intimately and indistinguishably one with God.
Note how E. G. White saw the full depth of this deadly heresy. “Satan has long been preparing for his final effort to deceive the world. The foundation of his work was laid by the assurance given to Eve in Eden “Ye shall not surely die.” “In the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:4, 5. Little by little he has prepared the way for his masterpiece of deception in the development of spiritualism. He has not yet reached the full accomplishment of his designs; but it will be reached in the last remnant of time. Says the prophet: “I saw three unclean spirits like frogs; ... they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. Revelation 16:13, 14.” (Darkness before Dawn, 1997, p. 23.)
We should definitively say that the Contemplative Tradition from which The One Project draws its inspiration, embodies Satan's deception and that it has now matured in the last remnant of time as his masterpiece of deception. Since E. G. White stated that the "immortal soul" is one of the two most active components of the "wine of Babylon", we as SDA's should know better, we should have nothing whatsoever to do with it and must preach and teach against it. The single objective of the “immortal soul” and kindred heresies is to blunt the Third Angel’s Message and attempt to convert God’s church into Babylon in corrupt harmony with kings, merchants, rulers and religious teachers of strange gods whom our fathers knew not. SDA’s high calling in the proclamation of the Second Angel’s Message includes the direct repudiation of the heresy of the “immortal soul” which has no place in our church.
That the founders of the One Project regard the men of the Contemplative Tradition as their spiritual-mentors to the extent of inviting some of them as their key-note speakers mark their reverence for George Fox University where most of the One Project leaders were educated and where these mystical contemplative principles are taught and practiced.
Pastor Voerman, thank you once again for raising the red flag on the One Project in such clear detail and for alerting us to the “dark side” of their alliance with the mystical Contemplative Tradition. We are also seeing these issues in Adventism here in Asia. Please keep us in your mailing list. -- Singapore (name known by writer)

I believe the “Adventist One project” is the most insidious deception yet devised by the adversary. Glad that Pastor Jan Voerman took the time, effort, and with brotherly love wrote a balanced analysis of this dangerous deception.
I concur that this movement appears wonderful, attractive, beneficial, and innocent. Undoubtedly, the adversary's approach looks biblical and rather difficult to argue against. However, when unbiblical meditation practices are employed we certainly need to be on our guard since this endangers our Christian life. The danger is so real because “contemplative prayer” (self-hypnotism) really works. Demonic forces now control unsuspecting Christians. They "feel" as though Christ is really dwelling in them. All those who are not firm in bible foundation will be deceived.
Ellen White counsels us that one small step in the wrong direction will lead to another wrong step. Because the carnal heart is biased towards sin, when one is in the wrong path, the tendency is to desire more of these false teachings. Eccl 1:8 says "the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing." Compare also Proverbs 27:20. It is remarkable that the One Project movement does not seem to be satisfied with our Adventist message. At the Seattle gathering it was openly advocated: “We must go beyond our own denomination. To remain fresh we must be fed from many streams... others should inform our present truth.” This certainly is very significant and makes you think.
The expressions Jesus.All, walk with Jesus, having a good relation with Him, getting to know Him better, and serving Him in a more efficient way, are all biblical and yet they can be used as powerful deceptive tools by the father-of-lies. Many Bible verses can be exploited by the adversary. For instance 1 John 4:16 "God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him,” can be twisted in a pantheistic sense.
The biblical approach is expressly presented in Hebrews 2:11 “For both he that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one: for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren”. This is sanctified unity in Christ, and not based on some “spurious feeling” as is evident in contemplative prayer practices.
I am encouraged by many faithful believers who come forward with programmes, seminars, and books to counter the adversary’s deceptions. These are necessary, worthwhile, and effective efforts, yet are merely defensive measures taking up time, energy, resources, and finances, while the adversary continually bogs us down with even more deceptions while God’s cause makes only limited progress.
I'm glad pastor Voerman discerned this most dangerous One Project deception. He may be counted to be among many of God’s faithful who are holding back the “four winds of the earth” while the 3rd Angels Message is proclaimed - which is to accept “Christ’s offer of justification by faith through His redeeming blood, to live progressively a sanctified life through the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit”, and ultimately “to love God supremely, and to love others as ourselves”.
There is a great need for the SDA movement to proclaim the 3 Angels Messages urgently for the sake of many, especially the youths who can be easily deceived. Christ knocks at the door of our hearts, but many are already in sleeping gown in bed (Songs 5:2, 3; Rev 3:20). Many are deceived into drinking from other more palatable, yet contradicting streams (Jer. 2:13), as this is vividly portrayed in the One project movement. A heartfelt warning and reproof is certainly appropriate. However, reproof and warning is not always welcome but let us heed the inspired counsel: “Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instruction: but he that regardeth reproof shall be honoured,” and so it should be regarded as a privilege to accept it. Proverbs 13:18.
Gratefully, the time of probation is still open and God’s tender mercies are still available to all who desire it. --Charlie Han

In his book Jan Voerman speaks boldly about the newest sensation to hit the Seventh day Adventist Church, "The One Project." While this movement purports a focus on "Jesus, All," its underlying message subtly diminishes the doctrines of Jesus Christ; disparages the foundational history of His remnant church and is dismissive of its end time mission. Voerman clearly lays out these concerns for the study of discerning SDA's. --Janet Lundeen Neumann, USA

Though retired from full time pastoral ministry, brother Voerman has kept his finger on the pulse of Adventism and the current issues that face and challenge God's remnant church. His newest book: An Analysis on The One Project, is representative of his thorough research and insights into this recent development. If you want a clear and concise explanation of the danger this movement poses to the church, then this book is a must read. --John Davis, Orion Publishing, USA

"Phyllis and I, are members of the Boulder Church, Colorado, pastored by Japhet De Oliveira, founder of the One Project. Under his ministry, membership has become unsettled. We were desperate to find answers to questions in regard to the One Project. Thanks to Voerman's research we understand the diversions from present day truths and the Spirit of Prophecy and notice the sly introduction of ancient unbiblical principles. The Bible says: "...there is no light in them" Isa. 8:20.
Every truth loving Adventist should carefully study Voerman's book and discern the unexpected dangers which beset God's church. --Max and Phyllis Goodwin, USA

Dear Jan,
Thank you very much for sharing a copy of your printed book with me. I appreciate it greatly. You must be happy to hear that at least in America many are raising its voice warning against the Emerging Church and the One Project.
Thank you for your contribution to the Church in this important matter.
May God continue to bless your ministry richly.

Dear Pastor,
I have just finished reading your paper on the One Project, superb. Thank you. I began giving sermons exposing the Spiritual Formation movement 9 years past. I have rejoiced in the past three years as others have emerged also exposing these movements.
I want to thank you so much for sending the One Project book. You are so correct in your writing. That is such a dangerous issue in our church. There are several strange and dangerous issues going on to try to take people’s eyes off the goal of heaven and the truth as it is in Jesus. --Two professors at Andrews University (names known by writer), USA

Dear Jan,
It is so good to hear of others who are sharing their concerns about Spiritual Formation and Emergent Church which are entering our church. Even though you are reporting from far away, you presented a clear and accurate picture of what happened here in my little town. When I googled my own name regarding a different search, I suddenly found your book at this link: It was quite a surprise to read its content about my experiences. Over the past few years several friends have said these stories could fill a book. But I never took them seriously and felt it would be too inflammatory to do it here in College Place. It was much better coming from an objective observer rather than those individuals involved in the incidents.
I called my local ABC today about your book and they told me they have received one copy from the publisher to look over and will be ordering more because "it looks really interesting." I will urge friends to start asking for it to encourage more sales. -- --A member of the church Alex Bryan is pastoring (name known by writer), USA

This movement goes like a bush fire and many are misled - people are making choices that will define their eternal destination. Warn as many people as possible that they will not be blindly caught in the net. --Name known by writer

Thank you for sending this document. Voerman has done an amazing job in writing it. It seems that there are those in our church who will fall for this transcendental guff. We used to think of the three-fold union being something very public that we would easily recognize and eschew. But this stuff is so subtle and so designed to catch the young intellectuals of our just wreaks of Jesuitical infiltration. Spiritism is now New Age transcendentalism and that will combine with the charismatic movement. The "emergent Church" is just a Jesuit-inspired movement towards Rome. Satan's aim in all this is the destruction of the Bible. It's our only defense.
Our young people will need to be so careful as to whom they associate with and whose material they access online. I am going to forward this to several people, especially those who are young leaders. They need to galvanize themselves against this error. --Name known by writer

Thank you for your document about the one Programme. We are certainly in the last days, and unfortunately it appears this is the appearing of the Omega. As I am planning to send your paper to all the pastors in the ………… do you have further material that you could share with me, in case I need additional backup material? Thank you for taking a stand, unfortunately not many are prepared too. --Name known by writer

This book was the first one I read about the One Project and it was so informative! I gave copies to several people so they can be warned of these dangers. The One Project fits perfectly with Sister White's definition of a new organization in 1 Selected Messages chapter 25. Thank you Jan Voerman for being the watchman on the wall sounding the warning trumpet! I highly recommend this book so you will be aware of what is creeping into the Adventist church. --Kelly Plank

While many Christians of today are engulfed in New Age concepts, God’s messenger warned our Church: ”We have far more to fear from within than from without...Our religion will be changed” (1 SM, p.122,204).
Pastor Voerman’s powerful and well documented research into this prophesy’s fulfilment among us is a tremendous eye-opener for honest followers of Christ. New Age ideas and mystical influences are subtly introduced into our church almost unperceivable. May this book provide the reader with the same blessings it gave me. --Pastor Thorkild Pedersen, African Missionary, Australia

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