Jesus, You're the center of my desireRead Dutch

Jesus, You are the center of my desire,
All that is good and perfect comes from You.
You are the reason for my contentment,
You are the strength for all that I do;
Jesus, You are the center of my desire.

When I have lost my direction, You are the compass for my path,
You are the fire and light when the nights are long and cold.
In sadness, You are the smile that shatters all my tears,
When I am lonely, You are the hand that holds me.

You are the reason I find joy in the simple things of life,
You are the music in the meadows and streams.
The voices of the children in my family and in my home,
You are the source and end of my highest dreams.

My joy, my desire and my joy.
Neville Peter - Jesus, You are the Center of my Joy - Praise Medley - YouTube

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