The Shaking is Coming!

 For those interested in the theme of teh Shaking under God’s people, there is the very informative book of Keavin Hayden, to be purchased at for around $4,00. The book is titled “The shaking among Gods people.” The follow-up is titled “How to Survive the Shaking” and is about the shaking that will come or is already taking place in our churches worldwide.The shakingSurviving the shaking
Keavin Hayden writes from Gods Word and the Spirit of Prophesy. Those who have lost their faith in the SoP will have a big problem.

From the SoP Hayden identifies 10 groups of SDA’s, 10 uncultivated characters who will be shaken out of God’s remnant Church, among others ….
1. The Shepherd’s Rods;
2. The various Reformation groups;
3. The independent pastors, those are ministers and lay persons who run their own little grocery shops, independent from the central organization of the Church (Unions, Divisions, General Conference) and who divert God’s tithes for their own causes and leave the Church barren (examples also here in The Netherlands);
4. We know about “independent thinkers” who go their own way and openly criticize the leadership of the Church;
5. Person who are always causing trouble in the local churches;
6. The gossipers;
7. Those who are unwilling of uninterested to attend the meetings on Sabbath, prayer meetings etc.;
8. Who are a danger for the unity in the Church;
9. Who are more interested in introducing the customs of the world than reflecting the character of Jesus.

Those are some mentioned groups from the list, that will be shaken out.
Dear brethren, it is time to wake up and spend less time on the things of the world.

I advise everyone to buy those books of Keavin Hayden. With Google you will find them on the Internet. It is a small investment leading to growth results. It’s about our eternity, brothers!

These books are accompanied by hand outs and work sheets for use in small groups in your churches.

It’s time to get serious and ask yourself which position you have in Laodicea.

May the Mighty Creator and Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ keep us safe from the things that are soon to come over this world (and also over the Church).

Let us pray more and more for the anointing of the Holy Spirit instead of working against Him. Be present at prayer meetings to seize the opportunity to pray and study together, and bring little sacrifices that will indicate that our faith is genuine. Or are we “One-day-Adventists” who only show up on Saturdays?

The Lord calls for men, women, children to be on holy watch on the walls of Sion!

May the Lord bless us.
Colvin Overdiep
(elder Spijkenisse church, The Netherlands)
Erken nu met geheel uw hart en ziel, dat niet een van alle goede beloften die de HERE, uw God, u gegeven heeft, onvervuld gebleven is. - Jozua 23:14

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