Unity in Error

In 1888, more than 125 years ago, the first edition of a remarkable book was released, The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan, by Ellen G. White. The book gives remarkable insights in what is happening behind the veil of the history of the Christian Church, from the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD until the second coming of Jesus Christ in the future. Chapter 35 of this book is presenting us right now with live scenes – as if it was written YESTERDAY! The call for unity without doctrines, is one of the remarkable prophesies for our time, and it is fulfilling itself right before our very eyes!

On February 28th the charismatic leader of an offshoot of the Anglican Church, Tony Palmer, stated  that the time has come to declare the protestant Reformation dead and buried. He calls all Christians worldwide to align themselves with the Catholic Church, under pope Francis I.
A unity based on the glory of God, he says, without the fuss over Church doctrine. “The Lord will sort doctrine out [what is right or wrong ] for us when we get upstairs.” In other words, you don’t have to worry anymore about whether you believe in truth; you’ll get there anyhow, if you align yourself with the pope.
This call for unity in error is a shrewd, diabolic set up – to have Protestants denounce their own Protestantism in a speech full of fallacies. Tony Palmer has himself used as the Fisherman of Catholicism; and the blind Kenneth Copeland, in his ministry firmly based on emotionalism, swam right into the fish-trap! Watch the videos at the end.
Yes, because the Church cannot and will not recant. It is the characteristic of the RC Church that she never renounces one of her doctrines; she can’t, for by that she would declare that the pope is not infallible, and that would be the end of her authority. So she can only polish the sharp edges of her doctrines and soften them up to what ignorant Protestants want to hear – after all it is a Jesuit characteristic to do and be all to attain the set goal – annul Protestantism and make it powerless.

Yes, because NOW is the time to know the difference between truth and error. Now, while you’re still alive. When you die and when Jesus comes, you’ll be too late. God has given us His Word to make the difference, and it is important for every sincere Christian to be aware lest false teachers drive him to spiritual insanity.

There is hope for sincere Protestants only if they understand that by this move backwards, Luther's protest is not only declared to be ended, but also to be one big lie and just a dirty rebellion against the Mother Church. But if  Luther lied, than Protestants have believed in a lie for more than 500 years. How sad they must feel, how confused they must be. The Bible calls this confusion, by the meaning of the word – Babylon.

Luther’s protest
Let no one impose the thought on you to think that the protest of Luther against the Church was only on righteousness by faith, which error now is claimed to be repaired.

The main theme of Luther’s theses were a disputation on the debasing effect of indulgences – a practice still actively performed in the Church today. See Vatican website: plenary indulgence in the Year of the Eucharist 2004, and for the Year of Faith 2013, and World Youth Day 2014, etc.  (plenary means that it completely removes all temporal punishment for minor sins, on earth of in purgatory).
Luther’s protest was against ...
  • purgatory – a doctrine that makes God look very, very cruel; to let people roast while the Church has already given them absolution;
  • merchandising of indulgences – a scandalous transaction to sell forgiveness while Jesus paid the full price;
  • the Church enriching itself over the backs of the pour by coercing them to pay the system for salvation;
  • the penance for sin – making repentance into an outward sign by various mortifications of the flesh to work out salvation on human terms, instead by faith in the righteous provision of Christ;
  • the blasphemy of the pope to claim to be god on earth and to have power to remit guilt and inflict penalties beyond the discretion of Church canon law;
  • the blasphemy of the pope to claim to have power to declare holy, condemn or punish, even after dead;
  • the stupidity of funeral and anniversary masses for the dead, while the Church has declared that they are in heaven already, making any reasonable man to mock the Christian faith.
The Protest was against Tradition over Scriptura, against man made religion over God’s provision for sin, and that for good reasons. The outcome of Luther’s protest brought about the light of righteousness by faith, it was not the cause.

These leaders now, who turn their back on the Protestant testimony and teach their members to howl with them are fulfilling the true proverb, “a dog returning to his vomit, so a fool returning to his folly” (Prov 26:11; 2Pet 2:22); These blind leading the blind are “dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber” (Isa56:10). Who would want such watch dogs? These “watchmen are … all ignorant.”
Moreover, this turning back denies the approximately 200 million people that suffered greatly by the hand of the RCC – a crime against humanity for which she is never tried. 200 million, 0.2 billion!!

Protestants must be confused now. But I am sorry to say, that Protestantism has brought it to themselves, by being inconsequent at the Council of Trend, and to this day. It is there where the RCC won the most important battle of Tradition over Scripture on basis of the seventh day Sabbath!
This so severely weakened the Protest movement that they failed to finish the task given to them, and now they do not even know anymore what de protest was all about, and now the daughters have fallen together with the Mother.

We SDA's have all the answers to this confusion!
In a last series of four serious appeals, God wants to urge His children, in whatever Church they might be, to escape from this doomed world and not to fall into the snare of this last hype.  In His mercy He calls to His children to make a resolution to get out of the false system. And we SDA’s believe that we are called to bring those messages. The time has come…

The time for proclaiming only the first appeal (Rev 14:6,7)  - Fear God and give Him glory, and worship Him, who made heavens, earth, sea and waters of fountain! - is in de past.
The grace in this first message is that Jesus, our Saviour, is also our Creator and that this world did not came into existence by evolution, and that Jesus has the authority to call the seventh day of the week His Sabbath. That only He is to receive our worship on that day, and that de Sunday is the day of the RCC.  More and more Christians are becoming aware of the fact that God is Creator, because evolution is losing its credibility; and more and more Christians are becoming aware of the truth about the seventh day Sabbath of the Lord.

But there is also the second appeal (Rev 14:8): Babylon – the Church of confusion - is fallen!
The grace in this message is that God gives us the opportunity to see in what confusion Christendom is today. For how can a sincere Bible believer declare that God will sort truth and error out for us when we get to heaven? What is the use did we receive the truth – the Word of God?
Tony Palmer very shrewdly left out this verse from his speech – John 17:17 – Sanctify them in through Thy truth – Thy Word is truth! I hope for his hearers that once their emotions were settled, they had realized what they have consented to!

Then there is the third appeal (Rev 14:9-11)  – don’t adhere to the doctrines she mixes for you in her cup of sin (Rev 16:19; 17:4; 18:6).
The grace in this message is that Jesus drank that cup for you already (Mat 20:22; 26:39; Joh 18:11). Don’t take that cup, full of unclean spirits and false doctrines; otherwise the sacrifice of Christ will not be of any benefit to you and you will have to drink your cup yourself!

Then, when God’s children understand these three messages, they will understand the fourth appeal as well. Why it is so important to come out, if they truly want to be saved. That the time has come for God to visit the world, for her iniquities have reached his throne in heaven, and that NOW the time has come to COME OUT (Rev 18:1-5), and make a stand!
The grace in this message is that God does not want His children to share in Babylon’s sins and plagues.

The LORD will hold us, who know these warnings, but keep them to ourselves, accountable for our unwillingness if we don’t enlighten the world.

Let our Church that have been engaging itself for some years now with the World Council of Churches, the local Councils of Churches, the Evangelical Alliance and Ecumenism, preach the coming out sermon to ourselves first. Let us come out first, cancel our unsanctified engagements, that there might be power in our testimony to urge God’s lost people to come out.
We have always said that this is the last message we would have to preach to God’s people in other Churches. But we are ourselves in great danger of drinking to the very last drop the cup of God’s indignation ourselves!

Let every SDA repent for his sins, pray more earnestly than before for the anointing of the Spirit, that our hearths might be revived and our lives might be reformed, that the lost sheep of God can see the clear light and come to His fold.

And now, watch some wise comments on what has happened on that remarkable day – 18th February 2014.

Then also watch THIS comprehensible sermon by Stephen Bohr.
Erken nu met geheel uw hart en ziel, dat niet een van alle goede beloften die de HERE, uw God, u gegeven heeft, onvervuld gebleven is. - Jozua 23:14

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