International Petition A Line in the Sand

The Remnant Online Ministry drafted and sent an Open Letter to the NAD and the TED with copies to the president and vice presidents of the General Conference.

The issue is the rebellion of the majority of the delegates in those two Divisions to divert from the Statues of the World Church by deciding that they are eligible to appoint non ordained men as presidents of unions and conferences and ordain women as ministers.

This position is not Biblical and against the decision of the leadership of our Church, and will bring disharmony and polarization. It is unprecedented and will bring havoc to the Church. We have excellent Church structures for appeal and that is never "own judgment!" No one has the freedom to divert; even ministers and delegates have to abide by the Church structures if they want to set an example for God's people to follow!

The TED argues in her motion that she did not went against the GC-decision, but that’s not true. Fact is that a few years ago the TED had decided in her own right to divert from the statues by allowing “parity” between men and women, and by that making way for the appointment of non-ministers in leadership positions. She did not asked permission of the GC to follow her own rules, because she knew the answer quit well – “To maintain harmony within the World Church diverting from the bold texts in the Working Policy is not allowed.”

Another fact is that with the official NO from the GC in session on the Variance motion of NAD and TED, the TED got the solemn opportunity to come back on her course (like Achan got the whole night to come forth), because the decision of the GC session on the Annual Council was crystal clear. But the majority of the TED delegates decided that they would do the opposite and confirmed their faulty norm in stead.

It's time for members to arise from apathy, for this so-called variance is the recipe for chaos! The time has come when each member must take up his/her responsibility and make a decision on which side he/she stands? Will he/she uphold the decisions of the World Church made in sessions and the Annual Councils which is in accordance with the Biblical mandate and lead by the Holy Spirit? Or will he/she choose to follow humans, who serve themselves (see 1Samuel 15:23!)?

Read HERE for the letter and please sign the petition (via the link in the document, on page 5)! In the footnotes on page 3 you’ll find the links to the original documents.
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