Sponsors Needed for Sabbath book

In 1996 I printed a book on the Sabbath - A Sabbath Journey from Genesis to Revelation: The Significance of the Biblical Sabbath.
A non theological, "what is written, how readest thou" approach of the Sabbath, as it comes to us from the pages of the Bible.

The book has had six reprints until now and has brought many Sunday keeping Christians on the path of the true meaning of the Sabbath of the fourth commandment.


The 2016 edition is posted as free e-book download on this website, under the tab Bijbelstudie -- in English and in Dutch.

Anyone may refer to this page by putting the URL on his/her website.
Since this book is ever evolving, I would want the downloads to take place from my website.
This means that people will be able to always download the latest edition.

I hope that website owners will respect this reasonable request.

The paper edition in Dutch is being updated with a few new insights and printing will follow later this year.
The paper 2015 edition in English is still available for free (postal costs).

Go Fund Me
I have started a Gofundme campaign to gather funds for (professional) translation in other languages.
I have been dependent on help from lovely brothers and sisters, but - not down grading the work they do in their spare time! - its going too slow. Time is far spent and I would want to take a next step with this book. That there will be no barriers for enlightning the firmament with this most important end time message.

My own funds are depleted and not sufficient for this project.

This book has ever been a prayer project of faith from the beginning, and even now I give it to the Holy Spirit to do as He pleases. The Lord can do what we humans can't.

If the Lord touches your heart, go to my Gofundme page or donate directly to the account given below (Gofundme takes around 8%).


You can donate on NL29ABNA0547597339, I.A. Wijngaarde, BIC-SWIFT code of the bank: ABNANL2A

Please give (contact information at whish and) description Gofundme-Sabbatsboekproject.

Anyone who donates, no matter how small, will be kept informed on a regular basis of the development of the project (if I have contact information).
If you would want to have more information, email me or call me: info@promiseministry.nl / +31 50 5566274.

Ingrid Wijngaarde

Erken nu met geheel uw hart en ziel, dat niet een van alle goede beloften die de HERE, uw God, u gegeven heeft, onvervuld gebleven is. - Jozua 23:14

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