Qur’an says, “Jews, Christians and Muslims are brothers”

by Ingrid A. Wijngaarde
posted May 1, 2015

So if they argue with you, say, "I have submitted myself to Allah in Islam, and so have those who follow me." And say to those who were given the Scripture [
the previous revelation given to the People of the Book] and to the unlearned [heathens], "Have you submitted yourselves?" And if they submit in Islam, they are rightly guided; but if they turn away - then upon you is only the duty of notification [some translations say: ‘proclamation’]. And Allah is Seeing of His servants. (S.3:20, Sahih International translation, emphasis between brackets applied by author of this article)

If one reads the Qur’an it becomes readily clear that Mohammad never did say that only Qur’an verses proclaim truth. God’s servants are not only Muslims. Qur’an does not teach to kill people off that don’t want to believe in Islam. The only duty for a devout Muslim is to proclaim and leave conviction to Allah, for he sees every servant of his.

Proclamation can even come from unbelievers
Many Muslims abhor the idea that a non-Muslim can speak the truth, but then they ought to read the Qur'an better.[1]
Ibrahim, the father of all believers, acknowledged the three good men who visited him – while he didn’t know that they were angels until they were gone, he invited them in with all courtesy as if Inviting someone who is greater than he. In the same way God can use Jews and Christians, and even unbelievers to give a message of truth to Muslims of today, as He did with Balaam of Peor.[2]
It is sad to see the hatred and the actions without mercy from Muslims who think they will get mercy from Allah and will be rewarded in Paradise. If Jews, Christians and Muslims are brothers, what does that say if the only reason to kill is because the other person is not a Balaam and the angel Nuremberg Chronicles 1493Muslim? Will the killer be able to stand in the day of Judgement? I don’t think he will.

Arbitrary selectiveness
That Qur’an presents some Biblical stories is not altogether strange, for Mohammad was married to a devout Catholic merchant woman. Unfortunately he gave his own twist to some Bible stories he probably didn’t understand very well. He picked and choose what he liked, affirming parts of the gospel, but discarding what didn't suit him. Forgetting that Isa warned that men would do the same. Maybe he was sincere; as a human I cannot judge that, but one thing I know: one can be SINCERELY WRONG.
It was to be expected that his self-made religion would face fierce rejection, in a time when even Christians and Jews were fighting each other on matters of truth. Mohammad simply joined that fight.
What we see happening is that his followers took it upon themselves to judge and condemn those who don’t comply to their interpretation of what they call truth. Even Isha said that men - professed believers - would think they do God a service by killing and persecuting their brothers.
I think that there are sincere Muslims who are being misled by evil doers and dragged into a satanic hate fight against Jews, Christians, and even Muslims who don’t see it as they do. By that they are unknowingly fulfilling sacred prophesy. If Allah is a just god, he will surely punish those who harbour such hatred against a brother, even a heathen; he will judge those who are merciless, for Allah would even hate us kicking stupid donkeys.

Good and evil people in every faith
The Qur’an is clear that those that cast truth aside will be judged as evil doers (S. 3:19). (The Bible is equally clear: thank God that there are Muslims in various parts of the world who are coming to knowledge and who embrace the truth. Qur’an says that Allah sees every one of his servants. He sees who is truly honest in heart. Men cannot see the heart. If a Muslim puts himself on a seat to judge the truthfulness of a Christian or a Jew, he is trying to look into their heart, which is attempting the impossible, for he surely cannot. The Qur’an says that as not all Muslims are evil, not all Christians and Jews are. There are good and bad people in every religion, in every race, in every nation. There are good and bad people that do not believe in anything. That is as far as we humans can judge each other. Only a true God can see what is hidden in the hearth, making one who appears good to us to be eventually judged as bad.

People of the Book

Qur’an says that Christians and Jews are the People of the Book, meaning the previous revelation in the Bible, that even Muslims must honour if they want to get into Paradise. Isha said in that Book, that only they that do the will of God, can reckon themselves as brothers of Him and His followers (Mark 3:35). One cannot take one part and cast aside the part he dislikes. No one gets in this life only the things he likes. We live on Satan’s territory and he will do his best to make life as miserable as possible. Adam and Eve, Abraham and Jacob and even Jesus (Isha) were not Muslims. They peacefully lived between unbelievers and tried to be an example of love and tolerance. The Qur’an admonish believers “to proclaim truth” to the unbeliever, not to chop heads off. God will judge every one - Jew, Christian, Muslim, non-believer - who is dishonest, disobedient and hateful.
I am a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian and I try to live my life according to the Bible, to love God by obeying His moral commandments, to love every human being and try to feel their pain; I don't eat pork, scale less fish, snails or blood; don't drink alcohol; I look forward to the coming of Jesus (Isha), and try to live my life in harmony with my expectation of what His coming will be to me. If a Muslim acts dishonest and spiteful against a Seventh Day Adventist or a Jew, who have so much in common with him, he will be severely judged on the Great Day of Judgment, when Isha bin Meriam will com e again. The way extremists carry on in this world today, fulfil the signs that the day of His appearing is at hand. Who will stand in that day? Who will be allowed in Paradise? Read Psalms 15 and 24. Clearly, only the pure in heart - a premise where only God has access to.

There are many Surahs that are clear that not all Christians are evil and that Muslims should honour them as brothers, because not all Muslims are good either. Only he that is without fault may cast stones. Clearly no one is.

S2:101 - a party of the people of the Book, not all.
S2:105 - those without faith - there are among Christians those that have faith; Allah will choose for His special Mercy whom He will - for he is Lord of abounding grace. Why are some Muslims so hateful against Christians?
S2:144 - Allah is aware of everything that happens; Judgment is with Him and not with men.
S2:146 - a party is untruthful to the truth they know, but not all. True Seventh Day Adventists are not.
S3:20 - Muslims have a duty of only telling transgressors the truth, not to persecute them. Allah sees all who do right or wrong.
S3:69 - those who mislead, do only harm to themselves.
S3:75 - there are honest and dishonest Christians - as there are honest and dishonest Muslims. There are true Christians who can be trusted with gold!
S3:110 - most of them, not all.
S3:113 - there are honest Christians too.
S3:187 - Allah wants Muslims to clarify the truth to others who do not know truth.
S4:123 - Paradise is for those who do good - Muslims and Christians - not for those who desire it. For not all who desire it will get there.
S4:131 - Allah instructs Muslims and Christians alike - He can speak to and through both.
S4:153 - God punishes every presumption of men.
S4:159 - Who does not believe in Jesus (Isha) will be judged by Him.
S5:5 - Seventh Day Adventists can dine with Muslims, for they do not eat the things Muslims don't eat (maybe except shrimps, SDA's don't eat shrimps.)
S5:65 - the true believing and righteous Christians are admitted in heaven. Which Muslim dares to deny this? Who can judge righteousness?
S29:46 - do not argue with Christians except the injust among them.
S57:29 - Christians cannot dictate God’s grace, but neither can Muslims.
S59:11 - There are lying Christians, but there are also good ones.
S98:1 - rejecters of truth must come to knowledge, not death.
S98:4 - it is the knowledge of truth that made Christian Churches split. Seventh Day Adventists have gained more knowledge about various Bible truths.
S98:6 - Yes, liars will be punished, but hell fire is lit by Allah and not by humans, even if they reckon themselves good Muslims they are not allowed to persecute "their brothers" - Christians and Jews.

God can handle freedom of choice. Can you?
The greatest love of God is expressed in Him giving religious freedom to every intellectual being. Everyone is entitled to believe in his or her freely chosen god and NO man has the right to deny him that right. Even if you are convinced that your god is the only true god, and your religion is the only true religion, you MUST respect the faith or even secularity of another human being – that is what you would want to get from others for yourselves! And a true god can handle freedom of choice. If one cannot respect the religious freedom of his fellow human being, I would not want to live in his world, for it will be a persecuting one. He would not be able to respect my conscience and that would lead to not respecting even my very life. Only a petty god would want to make such demands, even if his followers claim him to be great. Such a god demands roboticism from his followers and that would show his great insecurity. Demanding control over their minds, makes him very small for he would not get a heart service of love, but a service of fear.
Only Satan is satisfied with a service of fear.

Systems of Fear; Systems of Love
The origin of confusion and hatred during all the ages is the interpretation of spiteful and unforgiving men. Men, controlled by Satan, did and do horrible things while professing to serve God. It was so in the old Jewish system, it was so in Jesus’ time; it was so during the first centuries of Christianity and during the dark Middle Ages of Catholic Inquisition; it is apparently happening in Islam now; and it will happen again if one reads Revelation 13 well. Every era and every religion seem to get its share of satanic delusion and systems of fear. History has proved to be a poor teacher.

If ISS is Islam – I strongly deny this – than ISS is presenting the darkest and most evil side of Islam – the side of terror and fear.
If Islam means ‘truth’, the actions of ISS are not in harmony with the truth of Qurán and "the previous revelation", for fear is connected to sin and is by definition the total opposite of truth. Fear is total darkness; truth is blinding light. Muslims do well to take a strong stand against ISS, in order not to be dragged into a senseless world war, that will have only losers and have them lose their souls.
No one in his right mind, wants to be part of a system of fear, for that will be hell on earth. Satan’s world. Even today, Christians can take heed to the same advise - for even in Christianity we see a system of fear looming at the horizon..

A testimony
Mosque SynagogeMy home country is Suriname in South America. In the capital Paramaribo, we have a monumental synagogue, dating from 1723. In the 1930’s they got new neighbours, a wooden Mosque. There was no objection from the Jews. Later in 1984 the mosque was rebuilt into the huge stone building it is now. A simple fence divides their properties. This is no problem whatsoever. No scolding. No quarrels. No hatred. Muslims park their cars on the premises of the Jews, for free, during Friday evenings prayers. Space enough. The keeper of the Synagogue says, “I think the problem between the Muslims and the Jews is more about the land Israel. Here in Suriname we have no land to quarrel about. We don’t live under that pressure, but in freedom. If you live in such a situation there is no need to harbour hate feelings against each other. It is not good for any man to have enemies. If Muslims have a religious festival, we are invited to celebrate with them, and they celebrate ours with us.” The Imam of the Mosque says, “All those suicide killings in the Middle East, it is not allowed by the Qur’an. It is not even allowed to walk around with fire arms. They have taken some texts in the Qur’an too literally. Qur’an state that Muslims ought to respect others, whatever faith they are.” Imam Inaijt points to the synagogue, “See, what a beautiful building! We are a brotherhood. Why would we want to fight each other? Let’s live everywhere as we do in Suriname!”

I would want to add, let's love with the non coercive love of God!
Only the pure in heart will receive and share that kind of love.

[1]See the article of the Sabbath in the Qur’an at this link:
[2]The story as told by the Muslim scholar Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (839–923 AD) is almost the same as the one told in the Jewish Tenach and the Christian Bible. Now Balaam was not a Hebrew and not a believer in the Most High. In fact he was a priest of the Moabite cult of temple prostitution. He knew about God, but was enticed to curse God’s people for gain of wealth, even when given a sign by a donkey, asking him why he kicked it. Al-Tabari tells the story of Balaam and the ass as we read it in the Bible, in the book of Numbers 22-24. When it came to the actual cursing, he states that God "turned his tongue" so that the cursing fell upon his own people and the blessing upon Israel. See,
Evidently, Balaam returned to King Balak and explained how he was unable to curse the Israelites on account of God's having control of his tongue, and he instead explained to the king how he could get the Israelites to curse themselves, thereby removing the protection God had given them. He counseled that King Balak and his people ensnare God's chosen people by offering them prostitutes and unclean food sacrificed to idols. The record describes how Israel engaged in sexual immorality and idolatry with the women of Moab, resulting in God's anger and a deadly plague. We find references of this tragic event in the Bible books of Numbers 25:1-18; Numbers 31:16, Deuteronomy 4:3, Joshua 22:17, Hosea 9:10; Psalm 106:28 and in the New Testament, in 1 Corinthians 10:8 and in Revelation 2:14; and we find a reference in the Qur’an in Surah 7 (Al-A’raf), ayat 175-176.
Erken nu met geheel uw hart en ziel, dat niet een van alle goede beloften die de HERE, uw God, u gegeven heeft, onvervuld gebleven is. - Jozua 23:14

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