Special Union Session Constitution and Bylaws - May 2018 

On 27 May, the special congress for the Statutes and General Regulations will take place.

A year ago, in May 2017, delegates accepted the proposal that the then Statutes and Regulations Committee (CSR) submitted to them on terms and conditions.

The newly elected CSR immediately received the assignment from the delegates to prepare a correct translation, which in terms of content and intention is in harmony with the prevailing Church Working Policy.

The CSR has almost completed its task. On 27 May the new Statutes of our Union, together with a new Bylaws Document, will be presented to the delegates from teh local churches.

At the moment, local churches are busy choosing their representatives according to the rules of the Church Manual. I.e. the local church members determine in a Business meeting whether they give mandate to the current church board to act as nominating committee to submit a list of names to the members, or that the members hold that authority to themselves by appointing a nominating committee.

It is ultimately the church members that elects the delegates - those are representatives of the congregation and not of the board. There has to be a possibility of objection.

It is good for churches to keep in mind that the delegates will determine the legal framework of the Union and that it would not be right if the delegates were not chosen according to the rules in force. This would make the Statutes disputable by both members and interested parties outside the church.

The meeting will take place on 27 May 2018
In the church building at Parklaan 5, 1326 AX Almere-Stad
From 10: 00-16: 00 h. Delegates are asked to register at 09:00.

Ask your local board for more information. It has received the official announcement on February 26, 2018, and this must be made known to every church member, in the usual manners.

The secretary of your municipality has received the documents from the secretary of the CSR on 23 April, with the request to forward them immediately to the delegates. All names and addresses of deputies are still not sent to the EC.

Below the documents that the secretary has received for you, ASK for them:
1. Statutes and General Regulations, current edition
2. Statutes and General Regulations, edition with comments and amendments
3. Statutes and General Regulations, draft edition clean
There are still a number of typographical and style errors in the document. They will undoubtedly be corrected prior to Congress.

I add, on my own account, a fourth document for your convenience:
4. Two columns, English text next to the Dutch text, draft edition clean, with suggestions for additional corrections that slipped our attention.

On April 20th the secretary of your local church, received a message in which mention is made of an informative preliminary meeting on the 17th of May, in the chapel on Oud Zandbergen (Union headquarters).
At that meeting, you have the opportunity to give the CSR a number of points of attention for the final concept. MAKE USE of this opportunity.
Included in that message was also information of the number of delegates for each local church.

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